Why does the proliferation of Courts and Tribunals make the system more robust?

A great example, and excellent because it helps my cause and investigation. Is what Lord Robert May offers as to the analysis of the international banking system, although he does not use the words of fragility and anti-fragility as it has been used by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. For Robert May, the banking system has probably… Continue reading Why does the proliferation of Courts and Tribunals make the system more robust?

Continuing with Courts and Tribunals

So coming back, to the definition and etceteras. Why the international courts and tribunals have the responsibility to keep the international legal system as a coherent and united set? Why the responsibility is given to the international judges and arbitrators to keep together the system and avoid contradictions? Why not the States who are the… Continue reading Continuing with Courts and Tribunals

International Dispute Resolution a definition

Boleslaw Adam Boczeck in his book "Historical Dictionary of International Tribunals" shares  a great definition of what international adjudication is, he understands that international adjudication or international dispute settlement must be understood as the: "settlement of international disputes by international tribunals, implies the existence of a standing court of general or specialized jurisdiction, established pursuant to… Continue reading International Dispute Resolution a definition