Playing in the mud

The writing process is hard, its full of problems, whats more, is a great challenge if it is not your first language, the mastery comes in the practice, but good practice is a great challenge. Sometimes we want to express the emotions that go out great in our native language, but in another language, even the context from which the word comes from makes it completely different. We want neat and clear expressions that compare almost the same to our original language, but, to have something neat.

But, the process, is the same, it is a messy process, drafts, after drafts after drafts, do not despair if it doesn’t come right at first, is like modeling something out of clay, at first the hands will get dirty and the whole process will be messy, without order, however, the art comes from making something neat out of the mess. In other words, if you want something neat, get your hands dirty, and write for the sake of it, don’t stop.

Put some glue if you want on the chair, put some extra coffee and a bigger cup, drink more “mate”, but for the love of writing keep paper and pen in place.

This came out of inspiration from the Book “Writing your dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day”, from Joan Bolker.

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