Can the vaccine for the Covid be open source?

The vaccine as any other type of human invention has a formula, a patent, and by having a patent this means that it is not open source, there are few who will gain from finding the cure, yes of course, they have invested huge amount of human and financial resources to find a cure.

But, now that we have find the cure, why not make it open source and not be dependable for all the distribution conundrum that the different vaccines will take. If it is a money problem, maybe the governments can pay the vaccine patent holders, and then, distribute the formula and the ways to administer such vaccine.

Make it open source, and give the possibility to the global south benefit from and have access to the vaccines.

This way, instead of having a centralized or decentralized network we can have a distributed network, making the vaccine accessible, cheaper and be administered faster.

But, it is just a thought of course.

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